I'm a people person (laurificus) wrote in silverbullets,
I'm a people person

Mod post: bonus schmoop edition!

So maybe you guys have noticed? It is finale time. Sam and Dean will probably end up in terrible danger. One of them might end up dead. And obviously, only schmoop will save us.

It was suggested by the awesome ratherastory that we open the most recent round up again so people could post fills for any prompts that caught their eye. which we thought was an excellent idea. Except why stop at just this round?

Which is to say, between now and Sunday, midnight EST, if there's a prompt for any of the rounds--that's the two normal rounds and the lightning one--that you've wanted to write or draw for, this is your time. Usual rules apply.

Have fun! Any number of terrible things could happen on Friday. This could totally make it better.
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