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Silver Bullets

We've come to hug!

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We've come to hug!
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"Neil, it's your grief counselors! We've come to hug."

--Dean Winchester, 2.04 (Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things)

silverbullets Rules! Probably not of an arbitrary or capricious nature."

1.  Sign up.  (Win prizes!)

2.  One of the mods will make the initial prompt to start the challenge, and tag a participant from the master list. After that, when posting (or passing), each writer will tag and prompt someone from the particpant master list who has not yet posted a story. We will strike through those participants who have already played, and writers should only tag someone who hasn't already taken their turn.

Tagged writers have 24 hours from the time they are tagged to post a story or post a "pass" notice to the comm.  (The tracking feature is your friend!)

3.  Stories can be posted in the comm, or posted in your LJ and linked to the comm -- your choice.  In either case, when posting or linking stories to the comm, please use a header that indicates, at minimum, title, author, category (slash/gen/het/whatever), names of main characters in the story, and the prompt you were given when tagged.  Also include in your post to the comm the name of the participant you're tagging next and your prompt for them.

4.  If for any reason (and you don't have to give a reason!) you can't post a story within 24 hours of being tagged, just post to the comm saying you pass, and tag someone else.  Give them the prompt that was given to you, or make up a new one - your choice.  If you post your "pass" note within 24 hours of being tagged, you stay on the list and may be tagged again.  If you don't make it within the 24 hour window, you'll be removed from the list and won't be tagged for the current round.

5.  If for any reason (and you don't have to give a reason!) you need to withdraw from a round you've signed up for, just drop a private note to mollyamory or laurificus and we'll remove you from the list.  No penalty, no judgment, no announcements -- we understand that sometimes life happens.

6.  Each round will continue until morale improves we run out of participants.  10 participants = 10 days or so (depending on passes).

Story requirements

1.  Stories must focus on the depth of the emotional connection between the main characters.  Stories can be happy or angsty or funny or sweet or sexy or any combination thereof. They can be slash or gen or het or whatever. They can be explicit or non-explicit.  They can be intricately plotted, or they can be 1000 words of snuggling. Here at silverbullets we believe that "schmoop" can be quantified as "a truly excessive level of warmth and bonding between two characters", with or without romance involved -- your choice. On the road to schmoop, let the words "psychotically, irrationally, (and/or) erotically co-dependent" be your guide!

2.  Stories can be set in the Supernatural universe or the Supernatural RPS universe -- writer's choice.  Which characters to focus on is also the choice of the writer, not the tagger.

3.  Stories can focus on any pair of characters, as long as at least one member of it is Sam, Dean, Jensen, or Jared.  (Sam & Castiel is fine.  Jensen & Danneel is fine.  Castiel & Danneel is not.  (Also we would think you were really weird.)  (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  Sam & Dean is particularly fine, as is Jensen & Jared.)

4.  Stories must in some way link back to your prompt.  The link doesn't have to be word for word, but it should be fairly clear to the average reader.

5.  Suggested story length is bigger than a drabble, but smaller than a Stephen King novel.  Within those parameters, the length of your story is up to you!


Prompts should be brief and non-pairing-specific.  (One line is max. Half a line would be even better.  A handful of words would be perfect!)

Story warnings & ratings

Writers are encouraged to use whatever warning or rating system they find useful and/or necessary for their stories.


All stories posted to the comm should be posted behind a cut tag, whether they include spoilers for recent episodes or not.  If your story contains spoilers for a future episode or an episode that first aired within the two weeks prior to posting, add a spoiler warning outside the cut tag indicating which episode(s) the story might spoil.

And that, at least for the moment, is it for rules.  Thank you to wendy for providing the inspiration/format for this challenge, and then for allowing us to run with it once she had. ♥

If you have any comments/suggestions/questions, feel free to drop us a comment here, or you can always PM either me or mollyamory

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